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Power Flushing

Are you concerned about the build up of sludge in your central heating systems, it is inevitable, no matter what fuel source is used.

It’s fairly simple, here are the symptoms

The boiler is noisy

The radiators and/or other parts of the system are leaking

It takes a long time for the system or radiators to warm up

Over a period of time sludge and miscellaneous grime can build up in your pipes which will prevent the radiators from distributing heat around your house. This can also affect the efficiency of your Central Heating System in its entirety. Unfortunately, this can also lead to increased fuel bills, and ultimately a reduction in the heat being circulated around your home. Eventually, this will lead to you having to replace some or all of your Central Heating System. Glenco Milton Keynes Plumbing removal of sludge and scale Power Flushing starts from as little as £300 for the whole system. This will reduce:

The boiler being or becoming noisy

Warm up the whole central heating system in lesser time

Reduce cool or cold spots on radiators (bottom and middle)

Increase Pump and parts efficiency

After over 1000 successful flushes throughout the many households we maintain and service why not give us a call, we have the solution for you…Is Power Flushing the answer to your problems? Let us be the judge, phone for a quote and advice. Will a Power Flush resolve all my issues? Surprisingly in nine out of ten cases, it does!

We provide:

Visual & written evidence of the state of your Central Heating System

Certification proving inner cleanliness of your system

Guarantee against blockages for the next 2 years

A very competitive price based on the size of your premises

We now offer a more effective method and safe magna cleanse where we will leave a filter fitted to you system which will continue to protect and prolong the life of your system and boiler. contact us for a free quotation.

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